Spring 2020: Workshop Updates

Spring 2020: Workshop Updates

Great news, cool cats, our workshops now include all supplies in the cost of your workshop! When you register for a workshop with RICK RACK Textiles the only things that you need to bring is your reusable mug, water bottle, and crafting mojo. How nifty is that?

All workshops now include:

  • Fabric, pre-washed if applicable
  • Interfacings if needed
  • Threads
  • Zippers, buttons, and other hardware

Also, at the end of each workshop you will receive one pristine copy of the pattern that you used in the workshop! 

How it works:

  1. Select your workshop and register for it. When you pay that is the final price of the workshop!
  2. You will receive an email two weeks before the workshop with a fun survey that will include an opportunity for you to choose your supplies from a curated selection.
  3. We take care of cutting, pre-washing, and pressing so that you don’t have to!
  4. Your supplies will be ready and waiting for you at your workshop.

Q & A

Why did RICK RACK start including everything in the workshop?

We made the changes for a few reasons! Here they are:

1. We wanted to make it easier for you. Having to pop by for an extra trip to pick fabric and wash it if needed can be challenging in terms of time, logistics, and stress - it can be hard choosing fabrics if you are new to the materials used, even with our handy assistance!

2. We want to set you up for success. Our workshops aren’t simply about making a Thing, they are about learning new skills, so we want to make sure that the materials used are perfect. The instructor and students are going to be successful if the materials are limited to specifics, so we did just that.

If I am making a wearable muslin, am I still making a real garment?

We call them wearable muslins, which is a fancy way of saying that it is a garment made to learn on, to test the fit, get to know the pattern, and to decide on adjustments while still ending up with a nice wearable piece. This is a common practice for seasoned sewists, and that is why their stuff always looks so sharp!

Do I still get to pick out my materials?

You will get to pick your fabrics from select options either before the workshop or at the time of your workshop. We provide a colour selection of quality fabrics that would make a lovely garment but have been selected to help you learn - not too slippery, not too thick, no patterns to match up, not so dark that you can’t see you work - the list goes on!

I picked my materials but I changed my mind - what do I do?

If you want to change your supply selection then call us at 403 263 8088 during business hours and have a chat with us about your options. We also will have a limited supply of other fabric options on hand on the day of your workshop for last-minute decision-making.

I don’t like the fabric options, can I substitute?

Because the fabrics have been selected to set you up for success in a learning environment, we kindly ask that you use one of our options provided. It is not fair to the instructor or other students if we allow substitutions. Remember, this is a wearable muslin and your second creation can totally be made out of that directional cat print and it’s going to fit you perfectly because you worked out the kinks using our fabric first!

Why did the prices jump so much for your workshops?

Most workshops used to require students to purchase fabric in addition to the cost of the workshop. Now we have built in the price of the patterns, pattern printing, fabric, hardware, thread and any other supplies into the cost of the workshop. We also factored in a small, flat fee for cutting, washing and pressing fabrics when needed. Some of our recurring workshops also saw a little price jump because now that we have been offering them for a while we realized that they needed a price adjustment to better reflect the true cost of offering them.