Credit/Refund FAQs

Hey there Cool Cat! Did you get an email about your workshop credit and have questions about getting an online gift card or a refund?  Please take a boo at these FAQs that we put together for ya.

Q: I cannot find the original email with the workshop credit form, where can I find it?

That's a super easy one, right HERE!

Q: Is my online gift card specific to me, or can I give this code to someone else? 

Once you are issued an online gift card, you can give the gift card to anyone you want! How fun is that?

Q: I was in a workshop but someone else had registered and paid for it on my behalf. How do I get a refund or credit?

Shopify will only let us issue credits and refunds to the individual who paid for it. If your workshop was a gift then please ask the awesome person who gave you such a rad gift to email us at or to call us at 403 263 8088 and we can sort out a solution with them! 

If a friend had registered you in a workshop and paid on your behalf, and you then paid them back then we kindly ask that you coordinate your reimbursement with your pal. 

Q: I am having trouble using the online gift card on my phone - what gives?

While using the online gift card on a phone browser should work, we recommend browsing the RICK RACK website on a desktop or laptop computer for best results. We have tested both ways and just found that the computer route worked waaay better. If you have items in your cart while on the phone and then log in on a computer, you will have to rebuild your cart.

Q: Can I use more than one method of payment at checkout?  My online gift card is for $25 but my order is for $25.50...

You sure can! Once you apply the online gift card to the order at checkout, smartypants Shopify will then display the balance and let you select another payment method to pay in addition to the gift card. Your options will be a credit card or paypal.

Q: I can’t find my order # but would like a refund, what do I do now?

If you want to arrange a refund but cannot find your order # then please reach out and we will work with you to get everything sorted out. Please email us at RICK and we will track down your order for ya! 

Q: I paid for my workshop in-store, how do I opt to get an online gift card? 

We have a record of everyone's workshop payments, either online OR in-store. If you haven't heard from us about your outstanding workshop credit then please email us at RICK and we will sort it out. Once we confirm the deets, you will receive an email with the details of your online gift card!

Q: Can I use my online gift card towards workshops when you start offering them again?

Yes you can! If you choose an online gift card credit you can always leave it unused until workshops are released and then use it to pay for workshops then. Your online gift card can be used to buy any product or workshop that is available on our website.

Q: Can I use more than one online gift card at a time?

Yes! If you end up with more than one online gift card code then that's fine, you can use one gift card code at check out and then when the balance remaining displays you can enter the second code. If there is a remaining balance after that (what are you sewing?! It must be amazing) then you can pay that portion with a credit card or with paypal.

Q: Does my online gift card ever expire?  

No, gift cards never expire as long as the business exists, and trust us, we aren’t goin’ anywhere! You can use your online gift card on our website in a week, a year, or longer! It is the gift that keeps on giving.

Q: Can I use my online gift card in store?

Your online gift card will initially be usable only online only for now, but hey that’s okay because the retail shop is closed anyhoos! We plan on looking at ways for you to convert an online gift card to an in-store gift card and once we find a solid solution for doing this we will let everyone know.

Q: I have an old school, in-store RICK RACK gift card and I want to shop online, how can I do that? 

Once we wrap up the credit and refund project with our RICK RACK Cool Cats, we will be working on a system to convert a traditional, in-store gift card to one that will work on our website. So rifle through your sewing supplies, find those postcard-sized gift cards, and have them ready for when we get that figured out! 

Q: Will you have workshops at all this year?

We are still determining when we will have workshops again at RICK RACK but it could be as late as September before we offer anything on-site in the shop. We felt that the fairest thing to do for our Cool Cats is to resolve your outstanding credits so that when we do spring into action, we are all starting from scratch! 

Q: Can you make me a video/ can you develop videos for us? 

Boy we would love to be doing cool stuff like that, but right now we are still sorting out how to do business in this strange new, crafty world! We have to decline all requests for video support so that we can allocate our time and resources fairly to all customers.

Q: Are you going to be offering workshops online? 

We are not able to set up videos at the moment because our instructors are all adhering to the social distancing requirements. Also, we do not want to put undue pressure on our instructors to create these resources because many of them now need to focus on their families, loved ones, and themselves. In addition to instructor logistics, we are simply not set up with the equipment needed to do this right. Finally, learning a crafty new skill is super hands-on and we want to give you only the best learning experience possible.