Local Pick Up Info!

Hey Cool Cats, thank you for all of your support while we got our online shop up and running tickety-boo! If you are looking for info on how local pick up works at RICK RACK Textiles, then you are in the right spot! 
Here are our new pick up instructions, effective, June 25th!

Our Pick Up Hours are 12 noon to 6pm, Tuesdays to Saturdays & 11am to 5pm on Saturdays & Sundays. We are closed on Sundays to give the team a rest.

The option to choose local pick up will be available at the checkout page. It will not show on the Cart page, so don't fret! You can choose Local Pick up at the checkout when you re ready to pay for your entire order.

When your order is ready for pick up you will be sent an automatic email about it. We kindly ask that you wait for that nifty email so that you don't show up before your order is ready. 

If you want to pick up but do not want to come into the shop please call 403 263 8088 and wait by our sandwich board. You do not need to wait in the line up if there is one.
If you also want to come in and browse and pick up your order once inside, please do so! We ask that you line up if there is one and ask for your pick up when you are in the shop - we would love to see ya.

If you have made multiple orders and would like to pick them all up at once, please wait for the "Your order is ready for pick up" email for your most recent order to land in your inbox. This would mean that all of your orders have now been prepped and are ready to go! If you arrive before your latest "Your order is ready for pick up" email has been sent then that means a portion of your order has not been processed yet and while the team is awesome, they cannot fill that latest order while you are waiting.

That's the gist of it! We will keep on improving things as we go, and we thank you for supporting local businesses!