Cross Back Apron
Cross Back Apron
Cross Back Apron

Cross Back Apron

$80.00 CAD

2.5 hour long workshop
ALL supplies included

Prerequisites: Learn to Sew Basics workshop at RICK RACK
OR know how to thread and sew with a sewing machine AND have practiced sewing in the past 2 months

Whether you are cooking, gardening, out in the workshop or in the studio this workhorse of an apron is something you’ll be reaching for time and again. This unisex, no-tie apron is simple and versatile. We’ll practice sewing with denim and talk about how to utilize the selvage edge of your fabric. You’ll leave this one session workshop with the pattern and knowledge to whip up more aprons for friends and family.

Participants MUST BE comfortable with:
- sewing with a sewing machine
- threading the machine and bobbin
- sewing straight stitches & zigzag stitches
- fabric pressing
- you have done some nifty sewing in the past 2 months

If you are a newer sewer then please be sure to take our Learn to Sew Basics workshop first.

Heads Up Cool Cats! If you're signing up for a workshop less than 5 business days from the start date, there's a small chance we won't have your first choice of colour available. We promise all our options are the bees knees, though! 

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