DIY Pride Mask Tips & Resources

DIY Pride Mask Tips & Resources

Have you heard the word, bird? As a part of our Calgary Pride 30th Anniversary fundraiser, we are selling DIY Pride Mask Kits, with 100% of the net profits going to the Calgary Queer Arts Society!

Here are some tips and resources to set you up for mask-sewing success!

Mask Tips & Resources:

We have found that the classic pleated fabric face mask is the easiest way to make a mask with this fabric kit. The Pleated Face Mask Pattern & Tutorial by Sarah Maker is one of our faves and is suitable for new and expert sewists alike! Her blog has detailed photo tutorials, tips and a downloadable PDF.  Please note that instead of folding a square (as specified in Sarah Maker's instructions) we use the rainbow for the front and the white cotton lawn for the back. :-)

Cool cats are also welcome to use their own fave mask making pattern but please be advised that you may have to arrange your pieces carefully to make it work - for example we used the Free Face Mask Pattern by Victory Patterns for our sweet video on Youtube! With some maneuvering you can even squeak out an Origami Fold Style Mask too.

There is enough elastic for either ear loops (with lots of elastic to spare) or for elastic to go across the back of your head and neck, so please customize this as you see fit!

Don't need a kit but you do want the fabric? We are selling that too, right here!

Thank you for buying this kit and for supporting the Calgary Queer Arts Society! Don’t forget to tag #RICKRACKSewsPride, #RICKRACKTextiles, & #QueerArtsYYC so we can share your swell creations!

The Calgary Queer Arts Society is a nonprofit organization located in Calgary that exists to give voice to queer people and their stories. They are committed to working passionately towards an inclusive future for all people. They produce one of Canada’s largest LGBTQA2S+ film festivals: The Fairy Tales Queer Film Festivals, operate year-round arts and education programming, youth programming, and more. Want to learn more about this fab organization? Check them out here:


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