Frequently Asked Questions

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Online Shopping:

Q: Can I buy 0.5 meters?

While you can still only buy full meters through our Shopify store, as the store is closed for in store shopping we have created an awesome request form for 0.5m cuts that can be filled out HERE! That means you can get any denomination of 0.5m (i.e. 0.5, 1.5, 2.5...) cuts that you need. We do ask that any full meter or other products still be purchased through our regular shopping channel.

Q: I ordered a pattern/product online for local pick up - when will it be ready for me to come get it?

If you order online, your order will be ready for pick up on the next day that we are open - easy peasy! 

Here is a handy run-down of what that will look like:

If you placed your order on:

Tuesday before midnight - ready at 12 noon on Wednesday
Wednesday before midnight - ready at 12 noon on Thursday
Thursday before midnight - ready at 12 noon on Friday
Friday before midnight - ready at 12 noon on Saturday
Saturday before midnight - ready at 12 noon on Tuesday
Sunday before midnight - ready at 12 noon on Tuesday
Monday before midnight - ready at 12 noon on Tuesday

Please make sure you have received a ready for pick up notification email or text before heading down to the store.

Q: Your filters are acting kind of funny...help?

Our filters are a bit different in that they only show one category at a time, so if you select two filters that don't overlap on a product it won't show you any products. Here are some tips if you get stuck:

1. Hitting the reset button at the top of the left hand filter search section. Then select the 1 filter that you wanted to refine by.

2. Using our search bar near the top right of our website to search for your term, with deadly accuracy! 

3. If you are looking under 2 or more filters and nothing is coming up that probably means that we do not carry a product that meets your requirements or we are plum out of it! Feel free to give us a call or email us to double check and be added to our contact list for if/when more stock comes in.

Q: How much does shipping cost?

Orders that are over $100 are eligible for FREE shipping via Canada post! Orders that are less than $100 and that cannot be squished into an envelope qualify for flat rate shipping of $15. If you order something thin and wee, we will get it to you for $5.00.

We now ship to the USA! Orders over $150 CAD are eligible for FREE shipping. Order less than that qualify for a flat rate of $20 CAD.

Your shipping options will magically appear when you get to your cart!

Q: Can I use my gift card online? 

If you have an in store gift card and would like to switch it to use online please fill out this FORM and we can do a one time exchange to an online gift card.

General FAQs:

Q: When will you reopen your retail shop?

With the new restrictions it is hard to say when the store will be able to safely open to the public again, but our team is working away to keep our online store stocked with all our latest products that we can either ship to you or you can pick up curbside!

Q: Can I return cut fabric or notions? What is your return policy?

We do not accept returns on any fabrics or other products that have been cut to measure. We understand that it can be hard to colour match or know the weight of a fabric when ordering online, so if you are unsure please get in touch with us before you order and our awesome team can give you more info. 

If you discover a flaw in your cut fabric please contact us and we will work with you to find a solution. Please note that once fabric has been washed we are unable to do anything. 

If you item is in unopened, sell-able condition and you have your receipt then we will offer you a full refund within one year of purchase! All items will be inspected before we issue any refunds. 

We are not accepting returns until after our shop reopens to the public. If you have an item that you would like to return, please keep it it in a safe place with the receipt until we resume retail operations. 

Service FAQs:

Q: I dropped off my sewing machine/serger/scissors for servicing. What happens if Jerry is unable to service my machine/scissors?

If Jerry isn't able to tune up your machine or scissors, we'll refund the cost of your booking and he will offer you advice on what steps to take next. 

Q: I want to submit a print job. How do I know how many pages my pattern PDF will be? 

The fastest way to find your print job page count is to open it in a PDF viewer and look at the top of the page to see how many pages it says it is.

If you think your pattern is longer than our standard page length (48") or you cannot find you page count, give our staff a call at 403-263-8088! They can help you figure it out before you place your order. 


Q: When do you plan on offering workshops again? 

This COVID situation needs to be treated with the respect that it deserves so we will not be offering any workshops again until it is truly safe to do so. We miss you and will be exploring other learning options!

Q: I was registered in a workshop that has been cancelled. How do I get my refund or credit? 

We have reached out to everyone that was registered for a workshop. If you have not gotten your refund or credit please check your email for the subject "The Great RICK RACK Credit Clean Up!" from rickrackcoolcats@gmail.com, and fill out the form in the email to receive your credit or refund.

If you cannot find the email please get in touch with us and we will resend it to you. 

If we weren't able to answer your burnin' questions, please get in touch so we can help you out!