Maker Monday - Sylvia!

Maker Monday - Sylvia!

Pals! It's Maker Monday, and we're so excited to hear from the fab, self-taught, colour obsessed sewing enthusiast, Sylvia! You can find this cool cat over on Insta as @TheRavelOut


Tell us about a Me Made garment that brings you joy, and why? What makes you proud of this garment?

Cielo Top by ClosetCore Patterns using a Tencel Linen blend

So many of my me-mades bring me joy for a multitude of reasons but that one that comes to mind right now is my hacked Cielo dress. I have been surprised by how versatile it is. I have paired with skirts, dresses, belts, and a lot of jackets and it seems to work every single time which is impressive considering it is not a neutral color. The fact that this simple silouette, yet bright garment has become such a staple in my closet is what makes me so proud of it. It was also the first time I used a tencel linen fabric and absolutely fell in love with that blend.




Tell us about a Me Made garment that challenged you, and what did you learn?

The Eden Coat by Tilly and the Buttons using waxed cotton canvas

Late last year I decided to put my fears aside and dive deep in coat making, starting with a raincoat. It was a project with a lot of 'firsts'. For the first time I sewed with waxed cotton canvas, installed an exposed zipper and snaps, made a hood, and sewed with both woven and knits fabrics in the same project! Overall I learned that with a little patience and a lot of research, there's not much you can't sew. Also the sewing community is filled with resources that cover almost every topic you can think of so fear shouldn't be what stops you from trying something new. I have made two wool coats since this project.



Thanks for sharing, Sylvia! You're the bees knees!

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