DIY At Home - Sew Yourself Comfy Kit

DIY At Home - Sew Yourself Comfy Kit

Keeping my hands busy keeps my mind calm, how about you?   We wanted to share some ideas for your DIY home made survival kit! What would you add to the list?


Aromatherapy Rice Bags

Rice bags are just the thing to keep you toasty warm all season, or keep them in the fridge for a cool relief for those dang Chinook headaches. We have the coziest flannel that would be perfect for this project. We thought these two tutorials were pretty swell.



This Paper Theory Pattern is a great knits project for beginners, and a great stash buster.


We’re also big fans of the Bunzies Pattern from Stitch Upon a Time. This pattern is inexpensive and offers a lot of variety.



Need some slippers to go with those sweats? Pretty Prudent and Tilly and the Buttons both have swell, free slipper patterns!



The perfect stash buster! Scrunchies for everyone! What's more comfy then a top knot?


Eye Mask

We’ve shared this one before and we’re gonna share it again, it’s just so good!

This Tilly and the Buttons eye mask is a lovely speedy make, and a perfect project for using up leftover fabric.


Robe Jacket

This versatile robe jacket features wide sleeves, a relaxed silhouette and a fabric belt. I can definitely picture myself chilling out around the hose in this.


What are you sewing to keep yourself cozy and occupied?

Keep on being creative, cool cats!



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