Maker Monday - Anya!

Maker Monday - Anya!

Folks! Have you been enjoying our Maker Monday Series this month? We've been having a swell time getting to know some sewing pals a bit better. This week, we're so excited to chat with Anya, of Anna Zoe Patterns!

Mostly self taught, Anya has been sewing for a few years and is proud to say that the majority of her clothing is me made. Follow her sewing, pattern designing and creative adventures on Insta and Facebook.


Tell us about a Me Made garment that brings you joy, and why? What makes you proud of this garment?

AGF cotton knit, Beck T-shirt by Anna Zoe Patterns

Who knew that a simple t-shirt could bring so much joy? I can talk about how it is because the t-shirt fits in all the right places, or because I made it. But really, it is because of this fabric. I used Art Gallery Fabrics striped cotton knit (Rick Rack carries it in black colourway!) It is the softest cotton knit I’ve ever come across. It feels like butter. Seriously! Every time I put this t-shirt on I am so, so happy. I feel like I am wrapped up in a cloud or the sweetest hug. I never want to take it off, and of course, it helps that the t-shirt does fit in all the right places.


Tell us about a Me Made garment that challenged you, and what did you learn?

Self drafted coatigan pattern in boiled wool

To say that this particular coatigan challenged me would not be a complete truth, but I no longer have that first coat I made that challenged me in all the right ways. I made my first coat more out of a necessity than a desire to make a coat. I have broad shoulders and long arms so finding an RTW coat that fits is impossible. I think if it wasn’t for the fitting issues, I would not have started making coats so early in my sewing journey. Coats are scary! They are big, sewn up using thick fabrics and quite often lined… Yet, I took a plunge because my desire for a coat outweighed my fear. My first coat I ever made was not great – the collar stand was funky, the lining did not look right, and don’t get me started on the buttonholes. Still, I wore it to pieces. It fit and I made it! That very first coat challenged me. In the end it was a beautiful mess. But it taught me so much – working with wool coating is actually a lot easier than I thought, lining a coat can be mind bending but is really neat, buttonholes can be replaced by snaps or skipped completely. But mostly, it taught me not to give in to my fears and instead giving the things that scare me a try.


Thanks for sharing, Anya! We think you're fab!

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