Maker Monday - Suzen!

Maker Monday - Suzen!

Hey hey folks! Welcome to our Maker Monday! This week, we want to introduce our pal, Suzen, sewist, knitter and maker extraordinaire! You can find this cool cat over on IG as @knitlib.

Tell us about a Me Made garment that brings you joy, and why? What makes you proud of this garment? 

Arthur Pants by Sew Liberated in cotton double gauze from RickRack

When I finished sewing these pants, I'll be honest, I wasn't sure if I loved them. The shape was so bold and I had a moment where I thought, "What did I just make?!" So I let them sit in my closet for a few days and that's when the magic happened: my apprehension disappeared and in its place, I profound love for the high-waisted balloon-like silhouette these trousers have. I loved it so much that these caramel-coloured gnome pants are the garment I wear most, and have inspired three more pairs in my wardrobe! My favourite way to style them is with a boxy crop top and heavy clogs on my feet, I like to think of it as becoming a fashion-forward garden gnome ☺️ 


Tell us about a Me Made garment that challenged you, and what did you learn? 

Winslow Culottes by Helen's Closet in rayon twill

Even though I have made these pants multiple times before, translating the pattern into rayon twill that has an amazing drape was so difficult. I hadn't worked with such slippery fabric at such a large scale until these full-length culottes. The fabric kept sliding away from me and when it came to hem them, there was no way for me to make the hem even. When I wear them, they still have about 2" difference between the inseam and the outer leg 😅 I later learned how important it is to let fabric like this rest before hemming. By hanging them up and letting the weight straighten the leg out, the hem would have been a bit more successful. Honestly though? I won't go back to change anything because it's a detail not many would notice except for me! 


Thanks, Suzen, for sharing your swell makes!

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