PDF Pattern Printing

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PDF Pattern Printing
PDF Pattern Printing
PDF Pattern Printing
PDF Pattern Printing
PDF Pattern Printing

PDF Pattern Printing

$4.00 CAD Sale Save

Pattern printing is currently unavailable. Our hard working printer is getting serviced and we hope to have it up and printing in a few days. We apologize for the inconvenience. 


Do you have a PDF pattern that you can't wait to sew? Print your Black and White wide format patterns with us!

How to Submit

  1. Fill out the required information (pattern name and special requests)
  2. If you would like specific pages or layers printed fill out with exact numbers or sizes. Not all patterns contain layers, so if your pattern does not contain layers the pattern will be printed as is.
  3. Using the drop-down menu add the exact number of pages you would like printed. Copy Shop file: 1 page is 48", if your pattern is longer than this please divide the total pattern length by 48" to get the page amount
  4. Click choose file and select the pattern that you would like printed. You can only upload single PDF files
  5. If you would like duplicates of your pattern increase the amount beside add to cart 
  6. Add to cart
  7. Only one pattern file can be submitted to your cart at a time. You can have multiple print jobs in your cart, just follow these steps for each pattern and then pay for them all together

Q: What is the difference between an A0 and Copy Shop PDF file?

A0: This format is a standard page size of 36” x 48”, if your pattern is longer than 48” it is split into multiple pages by the designer.

Copy Shop: This format has a standard width but can be as long as necessary, so your pattern can print as one long page. Our standard page length is 48” anything over this length will require extra payment.

Unsure about submitting a certain type of pattern? Watch our video examples for both A0 and Copy Shop printing.

Q: Do you print A4 or letter-size patterns?

A4 and letter size is for a standard printer, our printing services are for wide format printers and must be either A0 or copy shop. If you do not have a standard printer at home a good resource for printing A4 or letter are the Calgary Public Libraries.

Q: Layers?

Some patterns contain layers for each size, this allows you to choose only specific sizes of your pattern printed.

If you would like to check if your pattern has layers take a look at our video guide - you do not need to select the layers on the PDF file, just type the ones you would like printed in the box and we will take care of the rest!

Q: How are my patterns delivered? 

Patterns for local pickup are all rolled together. All local delivery and shipped patterns are sent folded.

Q: Can you print in colour?

Our standard printing is in Black and White. If you would like your pattern printed in colour please contact us prior to submitting your order for pricing. 

Q: Can you alter files?

We cannot alter pattern files in any way. Our maximum width is 36", if your file is larger than this we will not be able to print it at 100% scale. We are also not able to reformat A4 or letter files into wide-format files. 

Have questions about how to submit your pattern for printing? Give us a call (403)-263-8088 or email us hello@rickracktextiles.com

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Buying fabric? Measure twice so that we can cut once! Review your pattern. Check the unit of measure (we go by meters). Add a bit of length to factor in shrinkage during prewashing. 

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