Meet the Maker - Clare!

Meet the Maker - Clare!


Have you seen our fab new buttons from Petite Button Shop? These buttons are lip smackin' good! Made locally by Clare of Unwrapped Yarn, they're the perfect finishing touch to any garment! Clare also designed our Hallow’s Eve Buttons, that are exclusive to RICK RACK Textiles, and they are spoooooktacular! Get your hands on the HERE… Quantities are limited!



Clare, tell us about your buttons!

I’m loving coming up with cute little button designs! All the buttons so far are made from acrylic which are designed and laser cut in my home studio.


What's your favourite thing to make?

As a maker of knitting tools, my favorite thing to make is a wooden swatch gauge ruler with a botanical design and a pink hand dyed silk ribbon.


What’s your favourite craft?

My favorite craft is knitting, although I used to love doing cross stitch in my late teens.


Any crafting injuries?

Personally, I’ve yet to experience a crafting injury, whereas my husband actually cut his arm open after using a scraper to remove a 3D printed piece of kryptonite from the printer bed. The doctor at Urgent Care was quite amused considering what he was making.


Fave midnight snack?

I’m too old to still be awake at midnight but my late evening snack is a packet of Walker’s Cheese and Onion crisps with a glass of Jack Daniels and coke.


Tell us, pals! Which buttons are your fave?

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