Sewing Masks

Sewing Masks

Hey peeps, as many of you may have heard, Canada's chief public health officer now says that wearing a non-medical mask can help stop the spread of COVID-19. Because medical-grade masks have to be reserved for medical professionals, many of you have reached out about mask patterns, supplies and resources.  

We encourage you to do the research. Non-medical masks do have limitations, and they need to be used safely.  We encourage you not relax your physical distancing if you are wearing a home made mask. 

Below is a list of patterns and videos that you may find helpful. Please note that the masks made with these patterns and videos are not medical-grade masks and offer only a minimal physical barrier. No medical claims are being made with regard to their usage. 

Stay safe, crafty friends. 



Patterns and resources: (Pictured) Craft Passion (The second half of the pattern has a version with a pocket in which an insert can be added as a filter.  There is also a kids option.)



Video Tutorials:

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