Let's Get Organized!

Let's Get Organized!

Hey cool cats! This nice weather has me feeling like Spring is around the corner (could it be??), and it makes me wanna do a little Spring cleaning in my sewing space... How about you? Need a little guidance or inspo? I’ve rounded up some of my fave articles for you pals to check out. 



What's your ideal sewing space? If you're looking for a little inspo, Threads magazine has curated a collection of real sewing rooms from Sew-lebrities for you to explore! Get inspired and learn some valuable tips along the way!

Have a peek inside the Closet Core headquarters and see how they organize their space (spoiler alert, it’s so good!)

Seamwork has the ultimate guide to setting up your sewing space, while paying attention to your physical space budget, sewing tools and storage style.



Fabric folding! Bear with me, it’s not as boring as it sounds.

Fabric folding is the key to a well organized stash. The main benefit?  You’ll be able to see all of your fabric stash at a glance. Sew DIY has a method to fold your fabric for stacked storage, as well as some more great stash string tips here!



We love PDF patterns, and hey! We can print that for you! But how do you store them? I currently have mine piled (in no particular order) in a vintage suitcase, but I’m digging these ideas for pattern storage from Cashmerette!

Psst! Get your pattern hooks and envelops here! 



Looking for some clever ways to organize your sewing bits and bob(bin)s? From patterns to thread, you’ll find some useful info for everyone with this article from the Sewing Loft.

Check out these tips and tricks from Bluprint: (the golf tee for keeping together spools of thread and bobbins is dang clever).

Not sure what to do with those Me Mades that you just don't wear anymore? Seamwork has a great convo on getting rid of clothes you’ve made.



Know what else is important for a functional and organized sewing space? A well-maintained machine!  If you’re anything like me, sometimes your machines are forgotten when cleaning around the studio. By keeping our tools and machines the best condition possible so we can use them better, and longer!

The Sewing Loft has a swell, easy to use and FREE printable for machine maintenance, as well as 5 easy steps to get started on taking the best care of your tools and machine. You'll be set up for sewing success in no time! 

 And don’t forget! When your machine or scissors need a little extra love, we do monthly servicing and sharpening!

What did I miss? Comment below so I can continue to update the list. Happy organizing!



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MC on

I hate to see sewing studios with fabric and thread stored in open spaces. Sunlight has a devastating effect on natural fabrics and threads. Ask me how I know! All my fabric and thread is now kept behind closed doors.

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