Tauko #8 SIMISÓ̩LÁ dress

Tauko #8 SIMISÓ̩LÁ dress

We were lucky to be included in the Make and Share for Tauko issue 8 that just launched! The latest issue is travel themed and includes 9 different patterns. I chose to sew up the SIMISÓ̩LÁ dress designed by Tammy Silver 

The style features an asymmetrical neckline and peplum wrap feature, with an easy gathered skirt (and pockets!)⁠. The peplums are optional, and the skirt can be cut to your desired length, with the pattern including measurements for this shorter view as well as a midi length.

I modified the skirt length by 10cm for some added length due to my height, but otherwise made the dress using the size 4 pattern.⁠ (also, HI! I'm Annamarie the Social Media Co-ordinator at Rick Rack Textiles. Nice to meet ya) I also unintentionally had to modify the skirt because I was a bit silly and originally only cut one pattern piece. I didn't realise it needed 2, so when reading the measurements I went hmmm. seems small... and cut a larger size.

Then, when I realised my mistake I didn't have enough fabric for a full new piece in that larger size, so I trimmed it down to the size 4 and added that extra piece to my leftovers and it was the perfect amount! This does mean there are 2 extra seams on the skirt, but I alternated the pattern pieces to ensure they wouldn't be too distracting, and it's mostly hidden by the gathers any how. But learn from me! Read the instructions fully and carefully when constructing any new pattern, before cutting out your fabrics to ensure silly mistakes don't happen.

The assymetrical neckline was a little tricky also, but it's faced with bias tape which helps it stay flat. Take your time and use the hand crank on your machine to go one stitch at a time around the corner and curves to help create a sharp edge there.

Made with a fun kiwi fruit print rayon and contrast poplin skirt, which I was drawn to as a Kiwi expat from New Zealand. I travelled back to NZ last year and this dress would have been perfect for their hot summers, and it's great for our Canadian summer too! I am planning on layering with a turtleneck and tights when the weather changes, so this can be styled with ease no matter the climate. The contrast skirt helps the print to shine and creates a '2 piece seperates' look. This fabric was so nice to work with, but I would recommend giving it a good zig zag on the raw edges before doing your prewash! I ommited that step out of laziness and it did fray a fair bit.

With the gathers in the skirt, and the loose fit of the dress (the pattern has of 2.5–4.5" of positive ease) a light weight fabric works well to create an easy, breezy summer dress for your next tropical vacation. Some of the other pairings I was thinking of were this matching green spot and block print floral, to play up the maximalism of it all, or going for a more cottage-core vibe with the ruffles using 2 colours of the Calico Leaf prints. I would also love to work this up in a Liberty Tana Lawn, because how gorgeous would that be. 

When choosing fabrics, I wanted something to last more than one trip. Tauko is a sustainably minded magazine, and when you're taking the time to sew a garment, it is important to think about the longevity of your end result. While the pattern is a cute novelty, it holds some personal meaning and the teal base colour is rather timeless. I am definitley going to make this pattern again, and you could even hack it into a wrap top!

We shot this dress with our photographer Jill Logee at High Park in Calgary. It was so fun to explore a new part of our own city- both Jill and I hadn't been there before! It was a nice reminder that there's always new spots to travel to, even in our own backyard.
This pattern can be made as 'patchy' as you like, or in a full solid. It could be lovely to make in a fabric you have been keeping from a previous trip or one you pick up on a future get away- souvenir fabrics are so special! This pattern isn't too fussy so allows any print to really shine.

Make sure you check out TAUKO issue 8, available in store and online now.

A collage of Tauko Magazine issue 8 travel inspired sewing patterns, modeled by 3 different women.

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